Simply put, self-defence is a means with which to protect yourself or others from physical harm.

By law, you are permitted to use “whatever force is necessary” when threatened with physical violence to preserve your own life and well-being.

Self-defence skills are far simpler than you probably imagine them to be, and the human body is much more fragile and more easily manipulated than you might think! This means you are more at risk than you might think, but are also more than capable of combating those who might attack you.

We have all seen too many films, where high-kicking, hard-hitting heroes save the day with a huge array of martial skills. In reality, this is not how physical conflicts are best handled, and as a result the skills you need to learn are not hugely extensive.

For a self defence system to be effective and stand a high chance of success in a real life situation, the techniques should be easy to learn, and as a result, easy to apply. That’s what you get with the SMSFitness Real-Defence system.

If you are interested in learning an effective system of self defence, then take a look at the courses we offer. Just follow the buttons below to see more about our 10 week courses, and 1 day Close Quarter Combat & Ground Defence courses.

Knowledge is power.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn self defence, it is something you will never regret doing.

In the past year there have been well over 1.2 million violent crimes in the UK and this number appears to be rising year on year.

Knowledge of some form of self defence is becoming more and more essential in the UK today. It is wholly empowering to know what to do should somebody attack you, or threaten you.

Don’t be sorry. Be safe.

WHAT YOU WILL GET from a Real-Defence Course:

My courses are designed to give you a solid understanding of simple but effective physical defence skills, while also delving into the legal aspects of self defence and expanding your knowledge and understanding of ‘use of force’.


  • Understanding reasonable force.
  • The law surrounding self defence & use of force.
  • Science & psychology of threatening/combat situations.
  • Awareness & Avoidance strategies.
  • Physical techniques, that are easy to learn and easy to perform under pressure.
  • Exclusive access to online videos to refresh your memory.
  • Greater confidence and greater peace of mind.
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