Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that the following conditions apply to ALL 1-2-1 Personal Training & Body Transformation purchases, as well as any group training bundles (kick-boxing, self defence, rockcercise, bootcamp) and should be understood prior to signing on with SMSFitness, for any training services.

Refund Policy

No refunds are available on any SMSFitness 1-2-1 or I.P.T training purchases made. Please ensure you are fully committed to the services you plan to buy before doing so. In the event that you are unwilling/unable to complete the sessions/exercise plan you have purchased, you will lose the sessions you have not used.

Payment Options

You may make payments to SMSFitness in cash, or by Bank Transfer ONLY.

I am not currently able to take payments via Credit or Debit card.

There are several training options available to you through SMSFitness, Southend.

You must make payment for ALL of these services in advance, or in the case of long term training options (greater than 1 month), such as I.P.T, or Body Transformation services, you may arrange with your trainer to pay in monthly installments.

You are expected to make the monthly payment prior to receiving the services in question, and you will not receive any further services until the appropriate payment is made.

Cancellation Policy

Please give as much notice as possible in the event that you need to cancel or rearrange a planned session. If possible, at least 24 hours notice should be given if you are unable to attend an arranged session time.

Late cancellations will result in the LOSS of that session, and payment will still be expected if it has not been made in advance.

Only in exceptional circumstances will I make allowances for the late cancellations of sessions (i.e under 24 hours).

Failure To Attend a session

In the event that you fail to attend an arranged session, that session will be lost, and payment will be expected if it has not been made in advance.

Only in exceptional circumstances will I make allowances for failed attendance to sessions.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you know where & when your sessions are taking place. Please contact me and check your session time if you are unsure when it is (I will ALWAYS double check with YOU if my bookings are not in my diary, so please extend me the same courtesy).

Rearranging Sessions

If you realise that you have booked a session time that you are, in fact, unable to attend, please let me know immediately by text or telephone, and I will be happy to accommodate you at an alternative time if possible.

Failure to inform me will ultimately result in the loss of the session, as it will be logged as a ‘failure to attend’, and payment will be expected if it has not been made in advance.

Late Arrival to a session

If you arrive late for a session, be aware that your session may then need to be cut short. If I have other commitments, to clients or group classes, it may be necessary for me to finish your session at the originally agreed time (I.e the session time booked will last 1 hour only from the time you are expected).

If I do not have commitments immediately following your session time, then I will do my best to extend the session time to give you your full hour of training. Arrive late at your own expense however! If YOU lose session time, YOU also lose money!

Period in which sessions should be used

Ideally, session bundles purchased should be used within an agreed time-frame. In order for me to supply the service you are paying me for, I require some commitment from YOU, the client.

Ultimately, if you are paying for a results based service such as Personal Training, then YOU need to ensure you are training regularly, otherwise it is NOT possible for me to guide you toward your goals.


I will not be held accountable if you fail to see the results you desire due to fragmented/irregular training times.

In order to prevent discontent in my clients, and to ensure that you are making acceptable progress in your training, I ask that you are using a minimum of 1 session per week. If you are using less than this, then you WILL NOT make any progress. I can work wonders, but NOT miracles. No train, no gain!!


ALL session bundles should be paid for in advance. This is to ensure you make a commitment to your training!

4 sessions: should be used within 4 weeks of purchase.

8 session bundles: use within 8 weeks.

10 session bundles: use within 10 weeks.

12 session bundles: use within 12 weeks.

Monthly/I.P.T services: these are services that will terminate at the end of the month, or the end of the 3 month training period. No further services will be offered after the agreed time has expired. Any sessions you fail to use in this time will be lost and new purchases will need to be made on the 1st of each month.

4 Weekly Session Purchases:

Unless it is due to issues with my own availability, if you have paid for 2/3/4 sessions per week, or for long term training bundles such as 3,6 or 12 monthly PT session bundle, then you MUST train the chosen number of times per week. If you miss sessions then you will LOSE the sessions, unless previously agreed with myself.

Special Circumstances

Only in instances agreed by myself (Steven Sperring, SMSFitness) will these conditions be waived i.e. in special circumstances such as serious illness/accident/bereavement.

When you make your purchase, you will be asked to read through and sign a terms & conditions document, to acknowledge that you have understood everything contained herein. Any infringement upon the agreed terms may result in you losing sessions, which are NOT recoverable.

If you will be taking a holiday during the period your sessions are expected to take place, please let me know so that I can allow for an extension on your training period.

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