Self Defence Classes, Southend

10 Week ‘Essential Self-Defence’ courses:

Knowledge is power. Don’t be sorry. Be safe.

On the Real-Defence 10 week courses you will cover all of the essential principles of body mechanics, and learn how to disengage from all of the most common street attacks, or assaults that may occur in work environments, whether you are a member of bar staff, an NHS employee, or even a door supervisor.

What You Will Learn on these fantastic courses:

  • Effective physical techniques for any self defence situation (if it doesn’t work, we won’t teach you it)
  • Your legal rights surrounding self defence (Criminal Law Act/Human Rights Act)
  • The Science & Psychology of conflict situations (understand how your natural fight or flight response will affect your ability to perform physically)

You will find the principles taught on these self defence courses highly flexible, and they will enable you to deal with any attack situation.

The next available 10 week course start dates are:

There are currently no courses booked in. If you’d like to be informed of future courses, please get in touch. If not visit our WEEKLY SELF DEFENCE CLASSES page for regular sessions.

(you will attend every Sunday for 10 weeks, or every Saturday for 10 weeks – please make sure you allow for your session times if possible. Missed sessions cannot be replaced.)

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