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Personal Training at Home

Don’t like the idea of training in the studio environment…no problem!

Although I run the majority of my sessions from my dedicated home studio, if you feel that the studio environment is not one you would be comfortable with, then why not consider training at home instead?

I am able to offer a mobile training service if you are:

  • Physically unable to travel
  • Live a long distance away (in which case we can meet at an external location such as a park, or beach, somewhere between us both.)
  • Travelling to me is particularly awkward or time consuming.

There are plenty of ways to use your own home to exercise in, which can be just as beneficial as a gym membership, and they’re free to boot. I can show you how to maximize your exercise potential, saving you time and money, without you ever having to leave the house.

I want to help you. If travelling to you is the best option, then I will do my best to accommodate you, as long as my schedule allows.

Alternatively you might consider online coaching. Visit the Independent Personal Training tab for more info.


Due to additional time and travel demands, my home training costs have to be slightly higher than training in my private studio.

However, the same no contract 4 weekly payment options apply. Simply renew when your sessions expire.

For longer term PT options, contact me here.

No. of Sessions Investment Price per Session
12 £312.00 £26.00
8 £212.00 £26.50
4 £108.00 £27.00
1 £27.50 £27.50
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