Online Coaching

The Online Coaching System

Take control of your own fitness, with this incredible bespoke service. I provide you with all the tools and knowledge to change your life…and all you have to do is work-out!

Have your own gym membership?

Not making any progress due to a lack of support from staff and trainers?

Don’t know how to use any of the equipment correctly?

Why not invest in one of my Bespoke 3 month Personal Training Plans?

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is a unique way for you to engage in a personal training programme, at a fraction of the usual cost!

With online coaching, you will train in your own time, using a personal programme designed by myself, to push you on to your specific fitness goals.

You will receive a far greater level of care and service from my Online Transformation packages than from many online coaching providers elsewhere. WHY? Because I actually care about your health and fitness!

You will have access to all the usual services I provide with a PT bundle:

  • Consultation with myself (in person or via Skype).
  • Food diary analysis & nutritional guidance.
  • 3 months of Independent training programmes tailored to your current level of fitness & experience.
  • Regular contact with myself, to answer any questions, provide advice, or share exercise adaptations to improve your routine.
  • Lifestyle analysis (we will discuss other factors, such as work, family, sleeping habits, that also affect your exercise performance and progress).
  • Motivation!

Extra Services

There are a few additional services that are exclusive to you when you buy an IPT Transformation package:

  • Video Guidance of ALL exercises in your programmes, so that you can observe correct performance of the exercises. This ensures you are performing them safely and for optimal results when you are training without me!
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly progress meetings with myself (in person or via Skype) to see how you are getting on.
  • New programme videos every 2-4 weeks to keep shocking your body and push you on to further fitness gains.

THE BENEFITS OF Online Coaching.

  • Freedom of training
    Train at times that are best for you without having to book in a slot with a trainer.
  • Higher training frequency
    Train as much as you want at no additional expense! 1-2-1 PT is paid for in session blocks. If you train yourself you can train up to seven times per week, but never have to pay extra for your extra sessions!
  • The most effective training systems
    I have years of experience in the fitness industry, and I have been training myself in various formats for over 10 years. I already know which exercise forms work best, so you won’t have to spend years of trial and error, working out the best exercises for your goals.
  • Health checks, nutritional guidance and lifestyle analysis as standard
    Health checks are taken in order to map your progress. If you have a gym membership, you should be able to have these taken regularly at no additional cost. Just ask.To help you get the most out of the workouts, you need to be aware of any other factors that may sap your energy or stop you from exercising at all! Eat the right foods, learn to organise your daily life and sleep patterns better to optimise your performance.
  • Get the most from your gym membership!
    You can train an unlimited number of times per week without having to pay any extra for add-on sessions!

If you have a gym membership, or join a gym for the new year, you will undoubtedly feel intimidated by all the weird and wonderful equipment, and the more experienced members. Learn to ignore them and use the equipment you really need.

Make sure you take advantage of the staff in your gym too. They won’t help you in the huge majority of gyms unless you ask…so if you need any further help, make use of them. You ARE paying your membership after all!

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