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Online Coaching Packages

There are several options available when you sign up for your Online Coaching Package.

If you are a beginner, it probably won’t be the best idea to jump straight in with an ‘Advanced’ programme. Some exercises demand a high level of co-ordination, core strength, etc. Attempting to perform some of these without first ‘laying the foundations’ may be dangerous. Don’t forget, I will not physically be there to correct you.

If you are an exercise enthusiast looking to step up your training and learn some new things, don’t go for a ‘beginner’s’ transformation option…the exercises will be too basic to begin with, and you may not get much benefit from them without loading yourself up with extraordinary amounts of weight.

What you get for your money…

Coaching Package Simple Advanced V.I.P
Skype Consultation (or in person)
Written 3 month programmes
Nutrition guidance & food diary analysis.
Workout schedule and goals worked out with myself.
Skype Progress Meetings & Advice. (or in person) MONTHLY FORTNIGHTLY WEEKLY
‘Call me anytime’ support & advice service.
UNLIMITED training sessions from my tailored exercise programmes.
VIDEO GUIDANCE on each workout designed for you & how to use the equipment.
Ongoing progressions and support for a further 3 months after the 12 week training cycle ends.

Options and Pricing

Get in touch with me today to discuss the best option for you. I can help you decide between Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced programmes depending on your current level of fitness, and then pick the level of service you would prefer (Basic/Advanced/V.I.P).

I have just slashed my original online coaching prices massively! Give me a call to find out my new fantastic price options!

How does the service work?

STEP 1: Consultation

For all online coaching services you will firstly have a consultation with myself, either in person or via Skype. This is where we will set your targets, training schedule, discuss obstacles to your training and allows me to build your sessions around your personal level of ability.

STEP 2: Payment Made & Your Package Sent to You

Once you complete your consultation you will, naturally need to pay for the chosen services. I will provide you with details for payment during the consultation.

I will then forward your online coaching guide book via e-mail, to give you some general guidance on how to approach the next 12 weeks of training, to get the best result possible for YOU. I will also forward you some progress check sheets, and food diaries for you to fill in as you work through the 12 week programme to help us to pinpoint any dietary improvements you can make, and to keep an accurate note of your general health and fitness progress.

STEP 3: Tailored Programmes Forwarded to you regularly

Once I have received your payment, after I have forwarded your Guide Book and food diaries, I will compile the written exercise programmes & programme videos. These will be sent to you at the beginning of every week/fortnight/month, depending on the service option you have opted for.


You will receive regular support from me throughout your 12 week transformation programmes. Feel free to call or e-mail me anytime if you have any questions regarding your training. Otherwise, it is now up to YOU to follow the exercises I have prescribed for you, and work hard in order to achieve your personal goals.

Stay dedicated to the programmes I design for you and you WILL see fantastic results! I promise.

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