Kick-Boxing Fitness Classes, Southend


What Should I Expect?

At SMSFitness, we don’t tickle pads…we hit hard!

Sessions involve pad-work, as well as body-weight and cardio exercises to really drive your fitness forward.


  • Weight loss
  • Cardiovascular fitness & Muscular Endurance
  • Building your strength & power through hard-hitting kicking and punching combinations.
  • Improve your coordination & balance
  • Learn some basic self-defence principles
  • Make friends and have a great time! (Trust me…everybody loves boxing whether you know it yet or not!)
  • Learn to hold pads like a martial arts pro!

These sessions will involve some high impact strikes, so if you have any questions about suitability for you, then please get in touch.


If you select one of my fixed group ‘memberships’ then your session times will automatically be held for you, so there’s no need to book in.

If you are unable to attend the existing session times, but are interested in this fantastic style of training, then get in touch.

Where can I take part?

My Kick Boxing fitness classes run for groups of 4 maximum, and are now hosted in my private studio. (for my private home studio address, please contact me)

If you are interested in these great sessions, why not come in for a one off PAYG session to see if it’s for you?

Open & Closed Training Groups

Groups are available as ‘OPEN’ or ‘CLOSED’.

OPEN GROUPS: Join a class, in which there will be other participants who you don’t know. If you start an OPEN group I will try to fill the additional spaces with other participants in the future.

CLOSED GROUPS: Request a class time for yourself and one or two friends, in which I will not fill the free spaces (max 4 per group). The price per person will be slightly higher for closed groups of less than 4 individuals, so that I’m not losing potential income.

Open Group Prices

All kick-boxing sessions are payable in 4 week blocks.

1 session per week = £20 (4 weeks).

2 sessions per week = £36 (4 weeks).

3 sessions per week = £52 (4 weeks).

Closed Group Prices

All prices are based on 4 week blocks.

No. of willing participants No. of Sessions per week 4 Week Cost Price per Session
(per person)
1 £80.00 £20.00
2 £152.00 £19.00
3 £216.00 £18.00
4 £272.00 £17.00
1 £40.00 £10.00
2 £76.00 £9.50
3 £108.00 £9.00
4 £136.00 £8.50
1 £28.00 £7.00
2 £52.00 £6.50
3 £72.00 £6.00
4 £88.00 £5.50
1 £20.00 £5.00
2 £38.00 £4.75
3 £54.00 £4.50
4 £68.00 £4.25
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