All Inclusive Class Memberships

Life-Changing Memberships with SMSFitness:

Full body training, with full coaching service as standard

I have now opened up a lot more small group training opportunities!

These small group training memberships give you access to unlimited sessions throughout the week, giving you a great variety of training styles + the guidance of a personal trainer in every single session!

View the full timetable of group training sessions below, or on the other ‘classes’ pages.

Class Timetable

What you get in an All Inclusive Class Membership:

  • Access to ALL of my classes throughout the week.
  • Professional trainer on hand for every session to ensure you get the best focus possible, and to ensure you are training safely and efficiently.
  • Monthly Health Checks: BP, Body Composition, Tape measurements.
  • Regular (once monthly) Food Diary Analysis & Nutritional Guidance.
  • Access to my private studio to train outside of the usual sessions, for no additional cost (as long as the studio isn’t already in use).


Why You Should Seriously Consider A Small Group Training Membership…

Ok, so I can’t offer you a sauna or swimming pool…not yet anyway…

…but what I can offer you, that you simply WON’T GET anywhere else, is a truly personal service for every single session you do. You will get real involvement and coaching from myself throughout every session, as well as guidance on your eating habits, and bespoke training plans to help you progress when you’re at home, or exercising elsewhere.

This is personal training without the price-tag.

Become a member of the SMSFitness family: & make great progress, with this bespoke, full coaching, small group training membership.

BUY or RENEW your membership…just hit the PayPal button below to make your payment:

Contact me if you have any questions about any of the available classes, or have any concerns or specific needs on an individual basis.

Head to the contact me page to find out how to get in touch with me:

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