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SIGN UP TODAY! Just call 07743 315867

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Become the best YOU you can be!

Want to feel more energised in everyday life? Want to improve your confidence and happiness? Well, personal training will do that for you!

Getting in shape can seem daunting at first, but it is a decision you will never regret. Life is too short to struggle through the day with no energy, feeling bad about the way that you look or feel!

As a fitness trainer I pride myself on delivering consistently challenging sessions, which will improve every aspect of your health and fitness, and I offer a variety of options to help you reach your goals, from PT or intense body transformation packages, to the fun of kick-boxing fitness groups, and my own unique (and unrivalled fun!) Rockcercise classes.

Take advantage of years of experience in exercise and lifestyle coaching, and save yourself several years of trial and error! I have been there and done all the hard work already, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Check out my qualifications


Free Consultations

Free Personal Training Consultation

A consultation is an essential part of your personal training journey. This is where we will identify your current level of fitness, your ultimate fitness goals and the best methods for attaining them. Your consultation can be held at my private studio, or at your home if you would prefer. If you would like to arrange one Click here.

*There is no obligation to train with me following your consultation.

Personal Training Programmes designed for you!

When you begin your PT or Body Transformation sessions, I will provide you with an exercise plan that you should follow outside of our 1-2-1 or Group session times. This will be designed around your personal access to exercise equipment & to suit your level of experience i.e. if you have a gym membership I will design it around the equipment your gym should have. If you will be exercising at home, then it will be tailored to the space & equipment that you have there (even if you have none!)

Nutritional Analysis

When you begin training with me I will provide you with food diaries to fill in regularly so that we can see where you are going wrong with your food intake. Eating well is amazingly simple, and cheaper than you think it is! Follow my super-simple advice and you will achieve incredible results.

Flexible Training Options

Group Fitness Class
1-2-1 Personal Training in Gym
Independent PT Programs

Everybody has a different lifestyle, work routine & family life. With these things in mind I offer a wide range of training options so that you can find the one best suited to YOU. This may vary from 3-4 high intensity 1-2-1 PT sessions per week in the studio, to a couple of group fitness classes, or a once-a-week home training session with your friends. Whatever you are looking for, I can provide regular training and deliver the results you want.

For more information on the services I offer, please take a few minutes to look around my website, and see which option suits you best!

Competitive Prices

I set out in the fitness industry determined to make Personal Training and other fitness options affordable for everyone. Our health is paramount, and I believe very strongly that professional fitness training should be accessible and affordable for all of us.

You will find that the quality of service and the genuine care that I have for my clients is unrivalled in the huge majority of other trainers out there, and I charge a fairer sum for a better service.

Check out the menu options at the top of the page for more information on my services.

Rockcercise® – The Alternative Fitness Workout!

Rockcercise Southend

Rockcercise is a unique, high intensity and hugely fun fitness class! Built around the movements of the greatest rock musicians, these classes allow you to enjoy some hard-rocking tunes, and get fit in the most fun way possible! For those who love to rock out, and want to get fit too…this is for YOU!

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